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Coffee, Tea, God and Me

Angela Terese

Are you asking things like: Who am I? Who is God? How do I navigate life so I can live to the fullest, with real purpose and true value? How can I find authentic connection and confidence with who I am and who God is? What you believe about yourself and what you believe about the world affects you. And what you believe about God affects you. Join your host, Angela Terese, as she comes alongside you for coffee and tea and genuine conversation. She will get real and raw, with a generous dose of lightness and laughter poured in, as she shares her testimonies of trials and triumphs. Angela will be open and vulnerable about her story of figuring out who she is, who God is, and how to live a life of value and fulfillment. She will also introduce you to guests who have undergone their own journey of questions and answers. Journey along to find freedom by being willing to probe and go deep while allowing yourself to laugh and have fun in the process. You deserve to live a full life.